Vintage High Chair

26 Jun

I was so excited when a client brought me this piece to refinish.  I have always wanted to refurbish a vintage high chair. This chair has been around for many generations of babies and has been very loved over the years.  I love how it turned out. I can’t wait to see pictures of her adorable grandson enjoying family dinner seated in it! Now I will be searching for another to keep for myself.

Gather Around

28 May

“The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.”  I think this is such a true statement.

I am in love with how this hand crafted Farmhouse Table turned out.  I could not be more thrilled that it is going to a big family who will be gathered around it creating many fond memories!

A Buffet with Charm

28 May

At my last market I had the opportunity to meet someone who was looking for a buffet.  We searched and searched for the right piece that would add the charm she was looking for to her dining area.  I was so excited when I stumbled upon this piece.  I loved it instantly and thankful so did she.

It may not look like much but i could see the beautiful craftsmanship and amazing hardware just begging to be made beautiful again.

Buffet Collage

Ahhhh! This piece makes me want to get out all my best dished and through a dinner party!  Next I get to refurbish a dining room table and chairs to match.  I am sooo excited!

Loved Again

27 May

One of my favorite things to do is refurbish furniture.  This table is solid oak and had great bones.  The family that brought it to me had shared countless memories around this kitchen table and loved it however their style has evolved over the years and they were ready for an update.

I l love how it turned out and I feel honored to have made my mark on a piece of furniture they will have in their home for many more years to come.

Next I get to refurbish some other pieces from the same wonderful family.  How did i get so lucky to have my passion and work be one and the same.  I look forward to each day!

The Tree House Vintage Market

6 May

A few months ago I left my full time job to pursue my dream of owning my own business doing something that I love.  I had been doing this on the side for years but I was ready for the next step.  It has already been more than anything I could have wished for.  I am blessed to be spending more time with my beautiful girls that bring me so much happiness and my husband and I have grown stronger taking this risk together and building this dream as a team.  We decided to host a backyard Vintage Market in April to kick things off.  What am amazing weekend;  I wish I could relive it!  I am finally getting around to posting some pictures.  Hope you enjoy!




I loved hosting a market at our home because we met so many wonderful people from our neighborhood and community.  Thank you to everyone who came out to support us.  Stay tuned for details on our next event!

Painted Pedestal Table & Chairs

22 Mar

The weather has been amazing this weekend in Arizona.  Yesterday I spent the day outside painting this French Country style table and chairs.

Here is what it looked like before…

I am excited with how it turned out!

Be Inspired

14 Mar

Sometimes I have to remind myself of this.  Such a great message!  May we all inspire each other.


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